Welcome to Brunswick County

Litter Control

The purpose of the Litter Control Council is:

  • To establish control and prevent littering and illegal dumping

  • To encourage and promote the reuse and recycling of materials to the greatest possible extent

  • To do such things as may be necessary and desirable to promote a clean and wholesome physical environment in Brunswick County.

  • To educate and promote public interest in environmental improvement of Brunswick County by: (1) instilling a sense of pride in every citizen towards the awareness of one's surroundings through educational mediums, (2) educating all citizens, including school-aged children, toward efficient solid waste management, and (3) managing and operating an effective litter and recycling program for Brunswick County.

Two individuals from each of the five districts are appointed by the Board of Supervisors to  serve on the  Council, along with a representative from the Solid Waste Department, Sheriff's Office, and Virginia Cooperative Extension. All Brunswick citizens are encouraged to volunteer to serve on this and all councils/committees appointed by the Board. The current members are as follows:

Cyliene Montgomery, Chairwoman - Totaro District
Sylvia Allen, Secretary - Sturgeon District 
Gene Wiley, Treasurer - Sturgeon District
Robbie Pecht - Totaro
Glenda Gillium - Red Oak
Betty Tulloh - Red Oak
Kalena Green - Powellton 
Gilbert Benjamin - Powellton
Della Wood - Meherrin
Wally Sayko - Meherrin
Chandra Vaughan - Solid Waste Manager - 434-848-3562
Delmar Jarrell - Brunswick County Sheriff's Office - 434-848-3133
Malika Walton - Virginia Cooperative Extension Office - 434-848-2151

For questions and further information p
lease contact any member of the Litter Control Council or your District Supervisor.