Welcome to Brunswick County

Brunswick County Conference Center


The Brunswick County Board of Supervisors makes the Brunswick County Conference Center (Center) available for use by all citizens, other individuals, groups and organizations on a first-come, first-served basis. The Center is available for use consistent with the usage policies set forth in the Policy and Use Form. The Board reserves the right to deny use of its facilities for reasons deemed sufficient by the rental committee.

Official Center reservations can be made by submitting a Use Form to Brunswick County Government per the information below.  A Use Policy and Form may be downloaded for submission or emailed to County Administration.  

Brunswick County Government
228 North Main Street, Ste 300
P. O. Box 399
Lawrenceville, Virginia 23868

A reservation fee of half (1/2) the rental fee and security deposit must be collected within five (5) business days of the reservation to ensure the scheduling of the Center. You may pay by Money Order, Cashier’s Check, Debit or Credit Card. Please make Money Orders and Cashier’s Check payable to Brunswick County Conference Center and send to the above address. An appropriate surcharge may be applied for credit card use.