Welcome to Brunswick County

Great Creek Watershed & Park

County Park at Great Creek is located in Brunswick County, just off Christanna Highway on Park Place, northwest of Lawrenceville [MAP].  This picturesque park is situated on the outer banks of Great Creek Reservoir, a 212 acre lake, and offers a wide variety of amenities for individuals of all ages. 

Visitors may enjoy fishing from the pier or use the public boat ramp to embark upon a relaxing boat ride to view the beautiful serene landcape that frames the reservoir.  There is a wide range of wildlife and a diverse array of birds that may be spotted throughout your journey.     

Picnic opportunities are available under the cozy shelters with Great Creek Park playgroundadjacent charcoal grills. Additionally, the park offers a children's playground, a charming nature walking trail, and plenty of open space for your recreational enjoyment.   


•What are the hours of the park?  
The park is open one hour prior to sunrise and closes one hour after sunset.   

 •How do I request use of the park?  
A Great Creek Park Use Form may be downloaded by clicking the tab to the left or by contacting the Brunswick County Administrator’s Office at 434-848-3107.  

 •Is there a fee to use the park?
 There is no fee to use the facility. 

 •Do I need a fishing license at County Park at Great Creek?  
Yes. The Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries requires any person 16 years of age and older to obtain a Virginia Fishing License.

 •May I fish on or around the dam/spillway?
No. This area is restricted and not for public use.   
Fishing at Great Creek Reservoir
 •Can I camp overnight?
No.  Camping is not permitted at the park (day or night). 

 •Is swimming permitted in the reservoir?
No.  Swimming, bathing or wading is not permitted. 

 •Can I operate a boat in the reservoir?
Yes.  Electric motor boats only. Gasoline engine boats are not permitted because the reservoir is a water source for the Town of Lawrenceville.

 •Is hunting permitted?  
No.  Hunting is not permitted on the grounds or in the water.  

•What are the fishing regulations?
 The fishing regulations are established and enforced by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries as follows: 
Species  Size Limit  Creel Limit 
Largemouth Bass   14-18" slot* 5 per day  Sun through the trees at Great Creek Park
Sunfish  None  50 per day 
Crappie  None 25 per day 
Channel Catfish  15" Minimum None 
All other species: Statewide limits apply
*No bass may be retained between 14 and 18 inches