Welcome to Brunswick County

Animal Control

Brunswick County is committed to the highest principles of humane care and professional treatment to ensure a safe and healthy living environment for pets and other animals.

Brunswick County Animal Shelter Hours of Operation:
595 Planters Road Mon - Fri  8:30 AM -  1:00 PM
Lawrenceville, Virginia 23868 Saturday   8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Animal Control Staff

James Maclin, Animal Control Officer
Craig Martin, Animal Control Officer

Christopher Harrell, Shelter Attendant


Adoption Fees:
$20.00 (2 to 6 months)
$25.00 (6 months and older)

Virginia State Code §3.2-6574 requires that all animals adopted from an animal shelter be sterilized. This must be performed after adoption, at the owner's expense.


Any dog over four (4) months of age must have a county dog license, which is due annually. Brunswick County dog licenses consist of a receipt and a metal tag; both must be retained and shown upon request by law. License receipts should be kept where they are available for you to present them for inspection upon request of the Animal Control Officer. The tag must be securely fastened to a substantial collar worn by the dog at all times. Any dog found loose in the county not wearing a county tag (for that calendar year) will be considered a stray and impounded by Animal Control.

You may obtain a dog license from the Brunswick County Treasurer's Office by presenting a current rabies vaccination certificate and paying the license fee. Tags may not be issued without proof that a licensed veterinarian has vaccinated the dog against rabies. You may also obtain it by mailing a copy of the certificate and a check to the Treasurer, at 228 N. Main Street, Lawrenceville, Virginia 23868.

Licenses may be purchased after January 1 and prior to January 31 for the following year.


Individual dog: $10.00
Kennel: $50.00
(Note: Penalties apply if tags are purchased after January 31; refer to Brunswick County Code, Chapter 6)


Cats are not picked up or housed at the Brunswick County Animal Shelter. Licenses/tags are not required, but cats (4 months and older) are required to be vaccinated against rabies. Proof of current vaccination must be presented for inspection upon request of the Animal Control Officer. If found in violation, the owner could be fined $25-$500, depending on violation(s), plus incur the cost of court.


Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus. The rabies virus lives in the saliva of its host animal. It can be transmitted through a bite, scratch, or a lick on a break in the skin, or in the eye or mouth. Only mammals get rabies; birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians do not. Skunks, raccoons, foxes, bobcats, groundhogs, bats, dogs, cats and some farm animals (cows) are most likely to get rabies. Opossums, squirrels, rabbits, rats, and mice seldom get it. All animal bites involving humans must be reported to the Brunswick County Health Department (434) 848-2525 within 24 hours. If your animal is bitten by another animal (wild or domestic) you should confine it and report the incident to Animal Control at (434) 848-0912 or Brunswick Sheriff's Office at (434) 848-3133; if the animal does not have a current vaccination against rabies it will have to be quarantined for ten days at the owner's expense.


  • Does the Brunswick Animal Shelter accept cats?
    No. The Brunswick Animal Shelter is not a state approved facility for cats. 

  • Does Brunswick County Animal Control pick up deceased animals?
    No. If the animal is in the highway or VDOT right-of-way, you may contact the
    Brunswick County Sheriff's Office at 434-848-3133. They will contact Virginia Department of Transportation for removal. If the animal is on private property, it is the responsibility of the land owner to remove.

  • When are dog licenses due?
    By January 31st of each year.

  • What is the vaccination age for a dog?
    Four months old.

  • Does Brunswick Animal Shelter board animals?

  • Can I borrow a trap to catch a stray dog on my property?
    No. Traps are not available for public use. Contact an Animal Control Officer at 434-848-0912.